Olewnik-Expo has technological lines for grain drying and storage, which include a laboratory, a cleaning room, a dryer, coolers and silos.

Our grain storage capacity in Poland is 18,500 tons (flat warehouses plus silos), in Ukraine – 11,000 tons.

The modern storage line enables us to maintain the highest quality of grain, as well as all veterinary and sanitary standards.

Warehouse in Drobin 10,500 tons


The farm in Drobin has modern grain elevators and warehouses with a total capacity of 10,500 tons, of which 2,500 tons of grain are stored in grain silos and the remaining grain is stored in 4 flat warehouses with a capacity of 2,000 tons each.

The storage warehouse is equipped with fully automatic modern technology that enables us to maintain the required European quality parameters of the stored grain.

Warehouse in the Port of Gdansk – 6,000 tons


We have an elevator in the Port of Gdańsk with a storage capacity of 6,000 tons, in which grain and rapeseed goods are reloaded quickly and tightly in a modern, innovative and pro-ecological system.

Warehouse in Zamość – 2,000 tons


The warehouse in Zamość is used for transhipment of grain from Ukraine to other European countries.

We reload agricultural products from broad-gauge wagons to European wagons and onto trucks adjusted to the transport of grain.

Warehouse in Ukraine – 11,000 tons


The farm in Ukraine has 3 flat warehouses with a total capacity of 6,000 tonnes, 2 grain silos of 200 tonnes and grain silos with a capacity of 5,000 tonnes located on our newly purchased farm.


For the sake of good grain storage and maintaining the highest quality standards, the agricultural group is equipped with a modern drying equipment with ecological sources of acquiring heat.

Grain with correct parameters is transferred to ventilated silos, where temperature sensors constantly monitor changes and enable safe storage of cereals.