As part of comprehensive agricultural services, we conduct professional grain trade and provide attractive terms of cooperation.

We offer collection of grains from your farm.Thanks to our high-quality laboratory, we quickly and accurately determine the quality of the supplied product.

Currently our trade turnover includes:
soyabeans, wheat, maize, rapeseed, spelt, rye, barley and sunflower seeds.

We guarantee grains of the highest quality and their turnover. We have a modern laboratory to perform comprehensive grain analysis and quality certificates.

Safety, unmatched precision and reliability in the grain analysis process.

Our primary tool for all grain handling operations is a FOSS Analyser. It is the main element of a quick, reliable and easy determination of payment for large batches of grain in commercial transactions around the world. It has a number of official approvals.

Mycotoxins and GMOs

By using our own QuickScan System devices, we quickly and objectively obtain the results of mycotoxin and GMO testing. Therefore, we are able to guarantee the consistent quality of our products.