GMP+B4 Certificate

Our GMP+ B4 certificate confirms our care for the safety of transported products.

The implemented safety system guarantees that the transport of our feed takes place in an environment where contamination or potentially hazardous substances do not pose a threat to the feed safety.

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GMP+B3 Certificate

We prioritise the safety of our products in terms of ensuring their quality, which has been confirmed by the GMP+B3 Certificate.

By complying with the requirements of the GMP+ standard and by obtaining the GMP+B3 certificate, we ensure that our activities are safe in the area of trade, purchase, storage and transshipment of feed.

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KZR INiG Certificate

In addition to the obvious benefits of our certification in the KZR INiG system, its verification provides an independent guarantee that our products comply with the requirements of the applicable EU legislation.


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